Dan’s Fans


“Dan spoke at an assembly on social justice and gay teens. He received a standing ovation (and was) mobbed by students. He said what needed to be said, met the audience where they were and gently moved them forward in their thinking. I recommend him highly as a speaker.” – Dr. Raymond W. Barber, director of libraries, The William Penn Charter School, Philadelphia

“What would (our 8th grade Unitarian church sexuality class) do without you every year? You bring so much — well, class — to this class. I love the way you answer questions. You so clearly relate well to this group, it makes the rest just fall in place. You are generous with your time, and your warmth and good humor relieves a lot of our participants’ anxieties about this session.” – Lynda Shannon Bluestein, the Unitarian Church, Westport (CT)

“You were fantastic! I had had so many emails and voicemails about your event, and being a great speaker. I was honored to work with you.” – Gregg McConnell, Cardinal Health

Dan teaching blogging workshop closeup“On behalf of the Independent School Health Association, thank you so much for giving your excellent workshop at our spring conference. The evaluations revealed that it was interactive, interesting, and exceedingly well received.” – Mimi Estes, president, ISHA

“Thanks for everything you’ve done to advance the ‘cause’ in our schools.” – Kevin Jennings, executive director, Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN)

“I can’t thank you enough for your time with us last Thursday. You have a real gift for being with young people, and a gift for communicating. You were absolutely perfect – easily, in my 10 years here, the best guest speaker we’ve ever had. You put everyone at ease, never made them feel defensive, and made it so clear that they could relax with you.” – Rev. Alida Ward Schuchert, Greenfield Hill (CT) Congregational Church

“I attended your lecture as part of a class project, not because I wanted to. However, it was so inspiring I feel compelled to tell you. Keep up the good work. Our world is lucky to have someone as helpful and inspirational as you. – Megan M., University of Connecticut

“Thank you again for presenting the keynote speech for our teachers’ workshop. We thought you were great. You were able to address what was most relevant to the teachers in the classroom. According to the evaluations that were handed in, you got the most accolades!” – Jerry and Joan Rolnick

“THANK YOU! What an amazing way you have with kids. You led a great conversation, and gave them a lot to think about (and perhaps change).” – Rev. Jane Field, Wilton (CT) Presbyterian Church

“Thank you so much for being a part of our Social Work Awareness program. You were GREAT! I received so many positive remarks from the students and faculty. You were magnificent!” – Nicole Francione, Central Connecticut State University

“What a star you are! We were so blessed to have you with us.” – Peg Gage, Northeast director, Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)

“We truly have found a jewel in Dan.” – Emery Sykes, Bridgeport (Conn.) Education Fund

“Thank you again, Dan. You’re a true hero and star.” – Brian McNaught, national diversity expert

Dan 2010 -3“Thanks very much for journeying here and leading our discussion on homophobia and athletics. I got a lot of positive feedback. Your real care and concern for athletes and coaches came through loud and clear. I think this allowed for some honest reflection and discussion among our own coaches. It was a delight to meet you and spend time with you. You are doing great work for students and faculty, athletes and non-athletes. I am very grateful for that work.” – Jack Raslowsky, St. Peter’s (N.J.) Prep

“Thank you so much for being our speaker at Northeastern University recently. Your story was inspirational. You are a role model for many.” – Gloria Tarpey

“Thanks for working with us on such an important topic last week. I value so much the work that you do, and the untold and numerous contributions you make in children’s lives. It is an honor to know you are another educator working to make classrooms and school communities safe for all people.” – Susan Perry, private school athletic director

“You’ll be glad to know you were a great hit in the school — an inspiration to some, a thoughtful prod to others, and a breath of fresh air to all. You were so successful, in fact, that our Middle School is giving serious thought to inviting you for a return visit!” – John Ball, Germantown (Penn.) Academy

“Your talk last night was so wondeful — touching, funny and informative. I have been part of PFLAG for about 6 years, and I realize I never heard your complete story before. It was a very energizing meeting.” – Mary-Ellen Mohring

“Thank you so much for being a part of yesterday’s Talk About It Day. People are talking about how amazing it was. Even the headmaster was blown away. We really feel that you made a difference in not only the lives of some students, but also the future of our school.” – Mary Chimenti, Fairfield Ludlowe (Conn.) High School

“You rock the universe.” – Anonymous letter from a student

One thought on “Dan’s Fans

  1. I have just found “06880”. I am very proud to say that I was a classmate of Dan’s at Staples and we were both in the very, most, famous, fun, best, ( I “learnt grammer” ) class of 1971. Now …..I know everyone thinks their class was the best, so for right now, the complaint window is closed. Dan and I had very diffentrent ” tables- lunch room speak “. Dan was soccer, I was footbal. Dan was smart, me not so much. But we had the Staples thread, everybody looked out for everybody, at least, thats the way I remember it. Besides, in my day, the soccer team, was much better than the football team. The best part of Dan’s prose is the way he weaves “old” Westport and “new” Westport together, it is very difficult to do. Dan is a genius. We moved to Westport in 1958 and lived on Rockyfield Road. My brother is Brad Jones and was a “star” and still is a “star”, in Staples Players. If you live in Westport now, be grateful every day that you live in one of the most outstading communities “evah” ( I have a Rhode Island accent now).

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