Hire Dan Woog!


     Yes, I am for sale.
Everyone has a price; feel free to ask about mine.
What do I do?


I am, first and foremost, a writer. I am always on the lookout for interesting projects: websites, blogs, books, magazine and newspaper articles, whatever. My specialties include LGBT issues, sports, education, personality pieces, education and lifestyle. I am eager to hear from anyone with a great idea – or a wonderful assignment.

I also handle business assignments. For example, for nearly a decade I edited a major tour company’s twice-monthly newsletter. I also composed newsletters and brochures for a pharmaceutical firm, bank and a very big (okay, huge) computer company.

If you need sharp, crisp, fly-off-the-paper copy, let’s talk! dwoog@optonline.net



I speak nationally, on 2 separate (but both very important) topics: Gay issues, and soccer.

My “gay talks” are not limited to gay audiences. I deliver keynote speeches to, and conduct seminars and workshops for, any group interested in learning more about gay issues –college classes, school teachers and administrators, coaches, PFLAG chapters, religious and civic organizations, book clubs — you name it. For a list of topics, click here. For questions, or to schedule a speaking engagement, call (203) 227-1755, or e-mail: dwoog@optonline.net

My “soccer talks” are not limited to soccer groups — although my primary audiences are coaches, and state and club annual meetings, where I discuss my 30 years’ involvement in soccer as a player, coach (including 1990 National Youth Coach of the Year) and journalist. I also talk to parent groups (PTAs, etc.) about youth sports in general, and the importance of keeping competition in perspective.

To find out more, email dwoog@optonline.net. To hear what my audiences say, click here.



I also tutor writers. If you’re interested in becoming a better, stronger, livelier writer — or simply need help with an upcoming speech, business presentation, college or grad school application essay or other writing project — I’m here: dwoog@optonline.net.

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